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Specializing in fabrication, we make covers for almost anything you desire


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We specialize in the design and fabrication of custom-made outdoor covers for a wide variety of products that are exposed to nature's elements. Some examples are: outdoor furniture and kitchens, umbrellas, barbeque grills, bicycles, Tv's and electronics, A/C units, etc.

Our high-quality outdoor covers are appropriate for protective and aesthetic applications. They will yield many more years of useful life to your items and enhance your outdoor areas with vibrant colors and patterns.

Our highly weather resistant outdoor covers are not standard "one size fits all", as are off the shelf covers that are made from cheap materials that tend to wear out every year. We offer only the finest outdoor fabrics available at very attractive prices. Each custom-made outdoor cover is a unique piece, manufactured to your precise dimensions and specifications. ln fact, when compared to the life of cheap alternatives most of our durable outdoor covers are backed with a ten (10) year manufacturers warranty against fading and mildew providing your items with premium protection that will cost you less per year of use.

Please proceed to navigate through our pages and find out more about our one- of-a-kind custom-made outdoor covers. For pricing please click on "Quote" above and submit the requested information. We will get back with you within the next business day.

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